Updated March 18, 2020


List of Destiny Based Podcasts

Presented by The Guardian Hub Podcast


Notes:  Some of these podcasts talk occasionally about Destiny while others have it as their main focus.  We wanted to list any known ones and will post their description based on how it

shows in the itunes feed.  Any podcast owners feel free to email us about any corrections or if you want your description to list differently.  


Another Destiny Podcast - Some good ol' Canadian Bois chattin about Destiny, eh? Live Thursdays 8pm PST



Barely ADS - The show where we barely talk about Destiny!



Destiny Addicts Podcast - A podcast for people addicted to Bungie’s Destiny the Game to link up in local fireteams, meet up and donate to charity - strong language warning - 18+ only

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Destiny Community Podcast - Weekly podcast centered around the video game Destiny 2

(DCP Live, SideQuest, and Firing Range Podcasts)



Destiny Down Under Podcast - Hosted by Myelin Games, LogPowerslave and RealTimeSloth, Destiny Down Under is your weekly guide to all things Destiny, except Australian!



Destiny Massive Breakdowns - The Destiny podcast that explains it all! Join Mercules904 and Kyt_Kutcha for weekly breakdowns of Destiny weapons, strategy, and news. Follow us on

twitter @DestinyMBP for daily updates.


Destiny Reset Podcast - Welcome to the Destiny Reset Podcast - the show about everything Destiny the Game! Every week, Hosts and Destiny Addicts AER0KNIGHT & CyborgSasquatch

update you on their most recent reset, all the latest Destiny News and Rumblings, and hash out a main topic.



Destiny Unfiltered - A podcast for anyone who loves Bungie’s game destiny. Please Join us live every tuesday night at 9pm ish https://www.twitch.tv/destinyunf1ltered



Drunk Destiny Podcast - Destiny Lore, with a twist. Literally. All things Destiny - Lore, story, news, tips, and tricks! Weekly episodes where dizzy and Dumpy explore the world of Destiny

with a little liquid courage.



Fireteam Chat: IGN’s Destiny Podcast - IGN’s Destiny addicts convene to talk about the joys, trials, and tribulations of life as a Guardian.



Focused Fire Chat - Podcast discussing game lore, focusing primarily on Destiny. Join us for our live recording on Fridays at 10pm CST over on Twitch!



Gamer Score Radio - Gamer Score Radio was created by @TheLazzrich and @akaGEARDad. The show originally focused on music in gaming, but has evolved into general gaming talk

and other random topics in addition to the music. The show has no set schedule - new episodes will release at unscheduled dates and times, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears ready!



Guardian Down Cast - Welcome to Guardian Down Cast, the podcast for everything in the Destiny Universe and beyond. GATR, Hazel and Easy are your hosts and we’ll discuss news and

info in Destiny and in the gaming industry as well. We’ll each have handpicked segments of the show that we have a passion for in Destiny, we’ll also interview community members with a

little bit of a twist that I think you’ll like…and a whole lot more. Join us in our animated discussions of all things in gaming with an emphasis on the Destiny Universe…



Guardians of Lore - A group of friends talking lore for the video game franchise Destiny


Guardians MH Podcast - Our hosts Avgjoe, Sentineldad, hatchiedave, BelleBunny and Dr.Goku converse about Destiny and other games, gaming news, community , a new mental health

topic for each episode and a mental health organization shout out to other organizations out there helping to break the stigma on mental illness.



Happy Hour From the Tower - Happy Hour from the Tower is a Destiny podcast, hosted by Tee Morris, Nick Kelly, Brandon Kelly, and Ron Dauphin. They are nuts for this game, and that is

what this podcast is all about: a celebration of Destiny. A podcast for all levels of Guardian, HHFTT offers the latest news from Bungie, what we love (and hate) about this game, and what

we’re looking forward to from upcoming releases.



Iron Banter Podcast - The Karmas Revenge Clan talks Destiny (Youtube only)



Loose Canon - Loose Canon is a bi-weekly Sunday morning show where we talk loosely about the lore of Destiny. Come watch every other Sunday at 9am EST!



Planet Destiny Podcast - Planet Destiny was founded in early 2013 as a Destiny-specific news outlet, and has seen immense growth and change throughout the years.



Potato Thumbs Podcast - Two potatoes talking about gaming and nonsense.



The Destiny Show - The Destiny Show Podcast, a weekly podcast about all things Destiny the game by Bungie. Join veteran Guardians and special guests each week discussing latest

news, rumors, lore, crucible, raids, and all things Destiny. New episodes Fridays. Available on all podcast platforms.



The Guardian Hub - We talk about Destiny each week, interview guests in the community, and share uplifting experiences we have had in the game. Hosted by Kingsley (@mckingsley) and

Cyn (@cyn_media)



The Last Word w/ Ebontis & Lord Cognito  - Ebontis & Lord Cognito discussing some of our favorite games. We mostly cover Destiny 2, and have added Anthem & Division 2 recently



Two Titans and a Hunter - Gaming Podcast about Destiny 2, keeping guardians informed and up to date with all the latest information, news and opinions.





Feel free and contact list owner at mckingsley@kingsleymac.com for any corrections or additions.